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How Your T-Shirt Or Hoodie Can Make The World Greener

The upcoming general election is one in which green issues should feature as a major concern, given problems ranging from the record global temperatures over the last year to the problems here in Britain with sewage spills in rivers.

Responses laid out in freshly published manifestos have varied from various pledges on river and water regulation to new initiatives to expand renewable energy, but nobody – not even the Green Party – seems to have had much to say about the circular economy and the role of clothing in it.

This is a pity because the impact of fast fashion is a very damaging one for the environment. The problems have been known for years. The industry produces between eight and ten per cent of global emissions, with Britons the busiest clothes-buyers in Europe. And while our wardrobes are full of unworn items, those that get thrown away pile up waste in landfill.

Worse still, since many clothes contain plastics like polyester, throwing them out means that yet more plastic is introduced to the environment.

All this highlights just what you can do by buying vintage reworked clothing.

On the one hand, you can enjoy some great retro clothes that may hark back to the days of your youth, but are also far better for the planet, meaning you can look stylish and stand out without it damaging the environment.

What this also does is help send a message to those companies who have been called out for their fast fashion approach and have promised to mend their ways, but have faced further probes into their activities – a prime example of such a brand is Boohoo, whose poor ethics extended to bad factory working conditions and failures to pay the minimum wage.

While a newly issued lawsuit means the chickens could be coming home to roost for Boohoo, some other fast fashion firms may sneak under the radar and manage to do some greenwashing. But you can avoid all of that and play your part in making the world greener, one T-shirt or hoodie at a time.

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