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3 Top Tips For Vintage Clothes Shopping

There are countless reasons why shopping for vintage clothing is the way forward for so many… it’s sustainable, keeping threads in use for longer and keeping them out of landfill, it’s a great way to build a totally unique wardrobe that really allows you to express your own individual sense of style and, of course, it’s a huge amount of fun!

There’s a lot of choice out there these days, which is both good and bad as it it means that it can take you a long time to sift through the thrift shelves to find something you like – and it also means that you’re likely to find lots of items to take home, which can be something of a budget breaker. 

Whether you’re new to vintage or have been shopping secondhand for quite some time now, here are a few top tips from the Vintage Finds team to help you build your collection. Have a read!


#1 Think quality

Because you’re sifting through vintage pieces, it’s likely that you’ll come across items you love but which are showing signs of wear and tear. This is largely inevitable because these garments have already been used and some of them may even be 50 years old. 

The trick is to judge the extent of this wear and tear so you can decide whether it’s worth the investment. Don’t forget that mending can also help revive pieces if you find something you can’t live without but which is really starting to pass its use-by date.


#2 Find a reputable dry cleaner

Vintage clothes may need more tender loving care than the rest of your wardrobe staples, so having a good dry cleaner on speed dial can really help you take care of your closet.


#3 Get your friends involved!

If you and your pals all have a penchant for vintage, you can all work together and keep each other’s wishlists in mind, thereby maximising the chances of you getting your hands on those luxury hard-to-find items.

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